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How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer

How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to computer

If you’re trying to figure out how to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC, follow this article. This article will cover three ways to transfer images from iPhone to PC with the help of iTunes and Wired connections. Learn more about the best options for your requirements. Once you’ve mastered the art of these methods, you’ll have no issues transferring images from your iPhone to your PC! The article in this post will discuss the most well-known methods to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC.

CopyTrans Photo

If you’re looking to back up images from your iPhone onto your computer, then copying Trans Photo is a fantastic solution. This program preserves the structure of your folders within your iPhone to let you logically browse your photos. It lets you transfer all your iPhone’s photos regardless of whether they’re on your Camera Roll or an album. It can even work on HEIC images. To start, you must start installing CopyTrans Photo and then sign into the account you have created with your iCloud account.

In addition to transferring photos, CopyTrans Photo is also beneficial for organizing your images. You can upload individual pictures and entire album collections, organize them into albums or make slideshows. You can save your videos. CopyTrans Photo even preserves geolocation stamps that are crucial to preserving your photographs. This program is an essential component of your arsenal of digital photography. This is how it works:

Additionally, this program can transfer contacts from your iPhone onto your computer. The application is compatible with Windows as well as Mac systems. It allows you to select multiple images and lets you Drag and Drop. Once you’ve selected the images, click”Apply” in the middle of the screen “Apply” button to make the necessary changes. After that, the transfer will start. Using this application, you can review, edit, and export contacts to a PC. There are no additional costs to using CopyTrans Photo for transferring pictures from your iPhone to your PC.

CopyTrans Photo supports all modern Windows OS operating systems as a mobile app. The most appealing aspect is that this app doesn’t need any installation. It can be stored on your USB thumb drive for quick access. CopyTrans Photos is compatible with iTunes. It is crucial to remember that it’s not a completely free application, and it may come with limitations on time. You’ll have to shell out a few bucks if you want to add additional features.

iCloud Photos

To transfer your photos on your iPhone to your Mac first, ensure that you have enough storage space on your computer to store all of your images. This can be done by connecting to the iCloud account from the Mac. Start the Photos app and choose iCloud Photos. Click the Share button, and select iPhone within the new window. Then, you can transfer the photos to your Mac. After successfully transferring your images onto your Mac, you can launch photos in the Photos application on your iPhone.

For enabling iCloud photos to be enabled on Windows, visit the Microsoft Store and download the application for iCloud. After installation, you can sign in with the Apple ID. Next, you can go to the iCloud Drive section. Scroll down to locate the photos you want to save. After that, transfer them to your drive on your computer to free space in your account on iCloud. Alternatively, you can get iCloud on Windows via the App Store.

There are alternatives to transferring your images from your iPhone to your PC. One method is to copy your photos into an appropriate folder on your computer. Another option is to use Bluetooth to connect your iPhone to your computer. The earlier iPhone versions didn’t support Bluetooth connections, but the more recent versions support Bluetooth connections. When you connect the iPhone to your computer, you must enter the unique security code, and photos will be uploaded onto your PC.

Suppose you want to download iPhone photos to iCloud. Click the drop-down menu beside iCloud Photos. Choose the folders you wish to download if you’ve selected more than one image, press the Ctrl button and then click Select All. If not, select the More options link and select the location you’d like to save your photos. After the images have been imported, you can choose the folder you’d like to keep the files.


You may be thinking about how to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer via iTunes. The positive is that it’s a breeze! All you have just follow a couple of simple steps. To begin, you must connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. Then, choose the file from your computer, like an image or a video, and click on the “Import” button. The videos or images will be saved into a folder titled “Pictures” on your computer.

The first step of this process is installing iTunes on your Personal Computer. After installing it, you can open it and register to create an account. Then, you’ll be capable of uploading your photos onto the site. Once you’ve paid, you can access 100 GB in storage at $1.99 per month. The method isn’t ideal and can only hold ten images simultaneously. Google Drive isn’t for you if you’re planning to upload the entire album. Also, importing photo albums on your iPhone is not an option. Google will create duplicates of the images you upload.

The next step to transfer the photos on your iPhone to your computer with iTunes is opening your Pictures directory on your computer. Within Windows Explorer, double-click any folder that holds iPhone images. You can also choose any folder and save images to your computer or desktop. Be sure to keep your iPhone alert and pay attention to the prompts. It is also necessary to enable Home Sharing on your PC to see the iPhone on your laptop.

After installing iTunes on your computer, you’ll have to choose an appropriate folder to save the photos. You’ll have to select an application or a folder for the images. It is also possible to add videos. Also, you’ll need a USB cable if you already have one. After you’ve completed this, you’re now able to transfer videos and photos from your iPhone to your computer using iTunes.

Connectivity via wire

You’ll be capable of transferring images on your iPhone to your computer using an Ethernet connection. This is the most efficient way to transfer images from your phone to your computer. Wired connections are suggested for iPhones that were released in 2012 and later. Utilizing a Lightning cable to move data between both devices is best. Make sure you purchase one certified through the Made For iPhone (MFi) logo, as different Lightning cables could pose dangerous security hazards.

Transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer through USB. First, you must download iTunes on your computer. Install the most current version of iTunes. This will allow you to identify your iPhone within File Explorer. After that, attach the iPhone to your PC using the USB-to-Lightning connector and enter your passcode to unlock it. Select the appropriate folder where you want to save your photos. After you’ve established a successful connection and the iPhone will begin to transfer images to your computer.

HEIF photos

To transfer HEIF images from your iPhone to your computer, you must export HEIF images from your iPhone. To do this, tap “Photos” and select “Start Copy.” A backup file will be created on your computer with all HEIF photographs. After backup HEIF images, you can transfer the files onto your computer and later remove them. This method is ideal for small quantities of images. However, it is not suitable for huge collections.

Then next, Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. If the iPhone locks, you cannot connect it to the computer. If you’d like to transfer HEIF images to your computer, it is necessary to utilize this WinX MediaTrans application. Connect your iPhone to your PC for the computer to recognize your device. After connecting, open the Photos app on your computer. Select the location where you wish to save your HEIF file.

HEIF is the latest standard for images. However, it’s still not widely accepted. A majority of smartphones utilize JPEG for their standard image formats, so it’s an excellent idea to convert your iPhone’s images to this format to save space. If you want to transfer HEIF images from your iPhone onto your computer, choose High Efficiency. If you don’t have either of those options, you might require installing an update to Windows 10.

To share your images with others, [HEIF] images are compatible with various apps and photo editing software for iOS. [HEIF] images can also be transferred onto Android devices. After this, you can save the images onto your PC and upload them to social networks. If you don’t own an Apple device, you can use the Dropbox application. After that, you can export images to your computer and then use them on your computer in the form of JPEG images. JPEG image. How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to computer

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